Growth Hack Midwest

A Marketing Slack Channel and Newsletter for the Midwest

Level Up

Sharpen your marketing skills with people who you can actually meet in real life.

Stay Updated

Find out what marketing events are happening near you.


Meet new like-minded people and stay in touch with them in the community.

Get Hyped

Create buzz and help signal boost for local campaigns and events.

Community Guidelines

Every community has to have some boundaries. Ours are very simple.

Midwest Is Best

The central focus of our community is growth hacking the Midwest. Keep that in mind when participating.

Be Excellent to Eachother

Check your negativity at the door! Mean-spirited conversation will be moderated.

No Spam

Hard-selling and other forms of self promotion are discouraged and banned in some channels.

Cooperation Not Competition

We celebrate all the wins our community gets because we are better together.

Business Members

These are just a few of the businesses that are represented in the community.